• Recently, the ministry of human resources and social security and the committee of national postdoctoral management have released the notice that 489 enterprises were authorized to establish postdoctoral research station. Grandhope Biotech was successfully listed.

    The application of the postdoctoral research station needs to pass a strict selection and evaluation process. Besides to satisfy the basic criterion, such as having good operation condition, special research institution and strong research team, those enterprises still must have innovation theories and innovation technologies, which can promise the operation of the postdoctoral research station.

    Grandhope Biotech has great achievement on developing new regenerative bio-medical materials and regenerative medical devices. Depend on a strong research and development team, Grandhope undertakes over 20 grants and funds from central and local government. In 2008, Grandhope was appointed by National Development and Reform Commission to set up the “National Engineering Laboratory for Regenerative Implantable Medical Devices” as well as the “State’s High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project”, becoming the most authoritative designer of national standard in the field.

    It’s great honor to be authorized to set up the postdoctoral research station. Grandhope will implement all the standards and requirements of the construction of the postdoctoral research station, and also enhance the construction of the talent team to make an contribution to the development of the postdoctoral career. 

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